Football 101

With less than 30 days to the start of SEC football you need to kick it in high gear to get ready for the festivities.

  • Will you be tailgating, hosting or going to a watch party?
  • What will you serve or bring to the gridiron?
  • What will you wear?
  • Who’s driving?

These are all very important questions and thought needs to go into each.

If you are tailgating, chances are you have a group of team loyalists you meet up with at every home game. Get in touch with them and coordinate who brings the main dish and what sides are needed. Conquer and divide – it’s a lot easier for all involved. Just make sure the cold dishes stay cold and hot – hot. And depending on the time of the game – and the type of beverages you will have both hot and cold are the perfect match. Always bring more ice and cups than you think you will need.

Hosting a party takes a little more planning. Grab the schedule and select what game is either impossible to get tickets to, or is just too far to go to. Huddle your group and the host becomes the quarterback. They will decide who brings what. That way no one is overwhelmed and can enjoy the party. Make sure you have plenty of seating, multiple TV’s going (just to see what else is on) and TV outside (if it’s the weather is still good). Always get more ice and cups than you think you will need.

But if you just can’t bear the thought of letting anyone do anything for your party. Organization is the key. And lists. Lots and lots of lists. Once again, always get more ice and cups than you think you will need.

Football food is fun food. For example, anything you can eat with your fingers or a toothpick qualifies. Wings, meatballs, chicken fingers, crudités, chips, cheeses, and sandwiches. There are hundreds of menu items you can select – google them!

What to wear takes a little planning. Naturally, you will be wearing your team’s colors. Layering is always a safe and wise choice. The outfit isn’t complete without a hat and sunglasses. Practical and stylish. If you are hot natured, invest in a handheld, battery operated fan. Remember you can put on more than you can take off.

Football games are a great way to connect with friends, classmates and new acquaintances. Cheering on your team sometimes involves team “spirits.” Just make sure one of the items you have planned is who will be the designated driver. Also – there are plenty of services that can get you safely home. Use them – it’s money well spent!

Lastly, there is one additional way to make sure your football event is the talk of the season – call Dreamgate Events and let us do the work for you!